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Wills, Estates & Wealth Planning


Effective estate planning should focus first on the people around you, their network of relationships and their expectations. The need for clarity grows with the complexity of your portfolio and your relationships. 

Many clients come to us with a specific problem or issue, but we always start with a full assessment of your requirements. Once we fully understand the details of your relationship, your asset portfolio and your wishes, we can craft the best solution for you.


Wills and Estate Planning

Modern families have become more compact, with fewer children on average and often a more international make-up. Traditional patterns of inheritance and its administration are changing too.

  • Your eldest son may not wish to inherit the family business

  • He may be happy to inherit, but not want to take over the management  - or he may not be suitable for that role

  • Stability and certainty for key long term employees, connections and associates may require consideration

  • You may wish to ensure trusted executives from outside the immediate family are available to assist in transition of business management and beyond

  • You may wish to provide for children from non-traditional relationships who are not accepted by the wider family network.

  • Different members of the family have different expectations which can create friction

Tax relief and tax minimisation are key concerns for most families.  Possible solutions may include trusts; planned distribution of assets in stages, gifts, and charitable bequests. When children or beneficiaries are resident in different countries, or assets are held in different countries, the options become even more complex.

Philanthropic bequests require particularly careful consideration.  Appropriate oversight and a system of checks and balances are increasingly expected in effective and targeted philanthropy.

Non-monetary wishes are important too. These may include communications to specific family members; details of funeral or memorial arrangements, or explanations about how the estate was distributed.

Our Experience

Our recent matters include:

  • Advice on establishing and updating family trusts and foundations

  • Preparing wills for individuals based both in Hong Kong & overseas

  • Estate planning for individuals with complex asset holding structures including overseas assets


With over 50 years of experience in wills and estates, we are trusted not just by our clients but also by the Hong Kong and international legal community.  We have twice had the honour of being asked by major firms to take over their wills and estates practice.  In both cases we retained the team and the relationships, adding even more depth to our experience.

Whether you are the head of the family considering your will, a beneficiary, a trust service provider or acting in other roles, we offer confidential discussion and actionable advice.  Our aim is always to help you manage, protect and distribute your wealth according to your wishes.

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