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Commercial Dispute Resolutions


Effective commercial dispute resolution requires not only a deep understanding of commercial law, but also highly developed people skills and cultural awareness. This is especially true in Hong Kong which many international players choose as a center for dispute resolution.

Our team at C. P. Lin start by listening and asking pertinent question, so that we can understand the key factors in your specific dispute. We examine background facts; the strength of your position, and the style of different parties involved. We develop a strategy built on sound legal and ethical practices, then assign the most suitable lawyers to help you achieve a positive outcome. Our team includes talents who can cater to both forceful and conciliatory styles.

Contractual disputes between suppliers and customers are common in this area of practice. Additionally, we also deal with conflicts between partner organisations, joint-venture partners, and shareholders of the same organisation. These last are the most time-critical and the most sensitive – emotional reactions can damage the core business very quickly. 

Whatever the matter under dispute, we combine technical expertise with a thoughtful, considered approach. We aim to resolve disputes promptly and cost-effectively, but also to ensure they stay resolved.  We may propose negotiation, mediation or arbitration as an alternative to legal proceedings. However if matters proceed to litigation, you can rely on our experience, which extends to complex appellate applications.


Our Experience

The following matters are a representative sample of the issues our commercial dispute team handles:

  • Advising on complex shareholder disputes involving multiple parties

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