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Our Story

C. P. Lin & Co. is an established and discerning firm of Hong Kong lawyers with ability and capability far beyond those its size would suggest.

The firm was founded in 1963 by Mr. Chung Pak Lin, a pioneer of the Hong Kong legal industry.

From the start, we have been committed to excellence, sophistication and the building of long-term relationships which deliver for our clients. At C. P. Lin, we prosper through your success. In an industry where many make promises which sound good but turn out to be hollow, we prefer to focus on existing clients and let the quality of our services speak for us.

The C. P. Lin DNA Combines

  • Stability and Continuity
    Servicing existing clients is our priority, with the result that many have been with us for decades, some since we were founded.

    The same continuity exists in our own people. C. P. Lin himself acts as a consultant advisor, while his son now runs the firm. A happy, collaborative office environment encourages long-term commitment from members of our team. With this as a foundation, we provide clients with unparalleled continuity of care, delivered by people who know them and whom they know and trust.

  • An Obsession with Excellence
    We are committed to delivering the best result for our clients, every time. Our goal is deep expertise rather than breadth of capability. We believe in ‘practice makes perfect’ and constantly hone our skills via education, repetition and review to the point of diminishing returns. Only by this process can we deliver the best in all client matters.


  • Discretion
    The C. P. Lin goal is to ‘walk quietly but carry a big stick’.
    We deliver results consistently, but we don’t brag about them.
    We have high profile clients, but we don’t name-drop.
    Our capabilities exceed our modest reputation, often surprising those we work with or against in legal matters.


  • Integrity, Grace and Style
    From the way we dress to our office environment, from the way we present our work to our deep love of art, we at C.P. Lin aim to embody these qualities. In a sea of grey and copycat lawyers, we aim to be an island of shining light.


Our clients have experienced the C. P. Lin difference. It’s an essential part of why they stay with us. If you’d like to enjoy that same excellence, discretion and trust when working with your lawyers, we’d love to meet you and understand how we can be of service.

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