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Japan Desk


The extraordinary strength and resilience of C. P. Lin’s relationships with our Japanese clients and associates come from decades of fruitful collaboration.

Over those years, we have also built a deep understanding of the relationships between Hong Kong, Japan and Greater China, which includes not just legal issues, but the cultural, trade and economic aspects of interaction. As a result, we are well positioned to serve clients in this area.

Hong Kong has a unique historical significance in Japan and is a preferred location for Japanese businesses to manage finance, structuring and legal matters for their local Hong Kong investments as well as those in mainland China, and indeed across the Asian region. Our enduring relationships within the Japanese legal and professional community give us unique capabilities to assist in this.

While manufacturing and finance are traditional Japanese powerhouses, our clients operate in many industries. We also advice businesses in sectors such as hospitality and retail.

Our Japan desk is equally adept at supporting non-Japanese companies wishing to invest in Japan, enter the Japanese market or expand existing operations. 


Our Experience

Longstanding relationships with deep trust between the parties have enabled us to assist with matters including:

  • Reorganising the structure in China of a major Japanese restaurant chain. Opening new branches and negotiating a settlement for the exit of a joint venture partner

  • Assisting one of the largest Japanese retailers as they expand their presence in Hong Kong and across the Asian region

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