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Family Law


Separation and divorce matters are often sensitive and stressful. We work sympathetically with clients to negotiate issues around custody, access and financial settlement.

As divorce lawyers, our discretion and sensitivity are vital. At a time of emotional stress, we provide supportive advice in complete confidentiality. For clients who are in the public eye, we are mindful of managing reputation for all members of the family.

We guide clients through the legal process of divorce as well as financial settlement. We explore all pathways to reach agreement. Mediation may assist in faster settlement and maintain working relationships with your ex-spouse. However it is not always possible. We represent many clients in court as divorce lawyers.

For separating and divorcing parents, the welfare of the children is the priority. This includes custody, parental visits and often education. Our expertise extends to situations where parents come from or live in different countries and children may have to travel internationally.

Parents are the main participants in custody disputes, but other family members may become involved too. Grandparents are frequently concerned that a divorce may mean the family is broken up completely and they lose contact with grandchildren. We work to deliver agreements which work for the entire extended family.

Financial settlement can be equally complex. Many clients have significant assets and multiple income streams. Valuing assets correctly is a critical first step. Settlement also depends on questions including:

  • Length of marriage

  • Contribution to the marriage and to growth of assets

  • Age, health and employability of each party

  • Ongoing child custodial arrangements

We use our deep experience in commercial as well as family law to assist clients. We see ourselves not just as divorce lawyers, but as guides to help navigate the emotional turmoil of divorce and separation and achieve a successful long-term outcome.  

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