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Intellectual Property


Almost every business we deal with has intellectual property assets. It might be your company name and brand, or it might include something you have created, developed or invented. Intellectual property law aims to ensure you can benefit from the value you have built.


Protecting your Intellectual Property

Protecting your intellectual property begins by asserting your right to it, via trademark, copyright, industrial design, patent or a combination of these options.

When registering IP assets, attention to detail is vital. An international perspective is important, as most brands and names should be protected in more than one country. If there is conflict or potential overlap with existing trademarks, our lawyers work to distinguish either the trademark or the product or service area it covers. They liaise closely with the relevant authorities and agencies to resolve issues in an efficient manner.

Enforcement or defence of your intellectual property rights may be necessary. Our team can assist, using a range of tools from warning letters, negotiation and dispute resolution to litigation. 

Commercialising your Intellectual Property

Licensing your intellectual property, via license, assignment, merchandising or franchising agreements, is widely used to realise benefits. 

A thoughtful approach to licensing IP will address not just commercial terms, but also a broad range of issues such as:

  • A precise definition of the IP covered and how it may be used (eg brand guidelines)

  • Whether and how the IP can be amended, developed or integrated into other products 

  • The relative merits of a sole, exclusive or non-exclusive licence

  • Limits to use of the IP by geographic territory, industry or distribution channel

  • Conditions where sub-licensing or transfer of license may be acceptable

  • Duration & termination – including rights and responsibilities after any termination

Our intellectual property lawyers review each client’s unique situation – business strategy and goals, types of IP, current and future value – to develop practical and commercially sound solutions.

Our Experience

The intellectual property lawyers at C. P. Lin handle many trademark, copyright and industrial design matters. Some recent examples include:

  • Acting for an e-commerce startup in the online health space

  • Advising a business with well-known online characters on copyright matters

Patent work (apart from licensing) requires the specialised services of patent attorneys. Where required, we can recommend one relevant to your specific needs.

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